microsoft dynamics 365 integration services

Axiopea offers easy and cost-efficient integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with other systems and technologies. We have an expertise in solving a wide array of integration tasks for end-customers in different industries. 

Our integration tool—Data Exchange Studio solution—ensures reliable and fast integration process, supports the most popular data formats (CSV & XML), unifies the design of any data exchange interface, including logging and exception handling.  Dynamics 365 integration is made intuitive. The solution has an open architecture providing for easy changes and support. No external libraries or additional installations needed—everything is X++ code. 

some of our microsoft dynamics integration projects include

supply chain interfaces 

A set of import/export features to automate supply chain collaboration. The Dynamics 365 system was integrated with Microsoft Biztalk Server to cover the overall supply chain workflow. Technologies: AIF, AX 2012 R2.


The information about customers, vendors, items, including the user-specific data, was migrated from multiple sources. Technologies: DMF/DIXF, AX 2012 R2.

skype integration

The CRM module extension to enable Skype calls through Microsoft Dynamics 365. Technologies: DII, Axapta 3.0 SP2, AX 2009 SP1.


The CRM module extension to send SMS to contacts through Skype or external web services. Technologies: DII, AX 2009 SP1. 

google maps integration

This CRM module add-on shows the location of customer and prospects on Google maps allowing the sale managers to spot more potential customers in the region. Technologies: COM, XML, Google Geocoding API, AX 2009 SP1, AX 2012, AX 2012 R2.

barcode scanning & document management solution

The documents are scanned automatically through the Microsoft Dynamics client, linked to the Dynamics objects via barcodes, and stored in SharePoint. Technologies: AX 2012 R2, .NET, SharePoint 2010.

why axiopea?

  • Our Dynamics 365 Integration Solution is a handy developer’s tool ensuring the efficient, reliable, and time-saving integration process.
  • Proficient in Microsoft integration technologies: AIF, DMF/DIXF, .NET Business Connector.
  • Experienced with the 3d party integration tools, e.g. Connectivity Studio, Galaxy, and other ISV solutions.
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