Axiopea is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 development company

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Axiopea is a software engineering company exclusively focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations development, implementation, customization, add-ons and solutions. The team’s expertise across a wide range of industries and 20 years of experience in Dynamics 365 (formerly called Dynamics AX or Axapta) development guarantees that we will complete any Dynamics-related project on time and within budget. We practice a global scale delivery modelour Microsoft-certified Dynamics 365 specialists can work remotely or onsite to suit your requirements the best possible way. We can also provide a dedicated team that will fully concentrate on your project. Axiopea works with Microsoft partners and Dynamics 365 ISVs.

Team Profile

  • Experience: 20 years in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics AX) development, 80% of our team had worked with Axapta since 1999.
  • Expertise: We provide development and support services for all modules and versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Axapta 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, MS Dynamics AX 2009, AX 2012, AX 2012 R2, AX 2012 R3, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations,
  • Competence: 90 % of Axiopea’s employees are senior or mid-level software engineers.
  • Certificates: 100% of our development team holds Microsoft Dynamics 365 professional certificates for different dynamics 365 versions and industries, as well as for the  associated technologies—SQL, SharePoint, etc.
  • Academic degrees: 100% of our team has university degrees in Mathematics, Economics or Computer Science, 50% of our team has Master or Bachelor degrees.
  • Projects: Over 50,000 man-hours spent on 50+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 development projects for different industries on a global scale.

Why Axiopea?

  • The exclusive focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with associated products and technologies (SQL, SharePoint, etc.) ensures the highest level of competency.
  • Our team has 15 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations development across a wide range of industries and global sites. Our expertise includes, but not limited to Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and Services industries.
  • We have worked with all Dynamics ERP modules and are especially skilled at Trade & Logistics, Project Management, Master Plan, Production, Service Management, and Financials.
  • We can execute projects of any size—small (less than 500 man-hours), medium (1,000-5,000 hours), and large (over 5,000 hours)—allowing you to leverage the exact amount of skills you need.
  • You can hire a remote Dynamics 365 developer or a dedicated team of Dynamics programming specialists and test how they work getting up to 50 hours for free.
  • We offer flexible engagement models, including Time and Materials, Fixed Price, and Dedicated Teams. Axiopea’s software engineers can work remotely or onsite to suit your requirements the best possible way.
  • You can utilize the benefits of the Dynamics 365 outsourcing with a legitimate IT development company, not just Microsoft Dynamics freelancers. We provide Development Agreement, flexible payment methods, full confidentiality, complete warranty, and comprehensive support. Teamwork is one of our strongest advantages and we always meet deadlines.
  • Being an experienced Dynamics 365 ISV, we use proven project management tools and methodologies to ensure the continuity and integrity of the development process.
  • Our development office is located in Poland, Eastern Europe. The country is highlighted by the industry experts as one of the top destination for the software outsourcing. Gartner has repeatedly named it among the 30 Leading Locations for Offshore Services. The country provides all advantages of the nearshore development: strong educational and scientific legacy, cultural similarity, and geographical proximity.
  • Opportunity to adjust our team’s business hours to your time zone ensures that you will always have the needed skills and resources at hand.

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